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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Short term stock tips for 04-June-2008

Short term stock tips for 04-June-2008
1. Alps industries

LTP : 36.10 (03-06-2008)

Buy at : 37

Target : 41 (short term)

Stop loss : 173

INTRADAY for 04-JUNE-2008

1. Wipro : Buy at Rs. 507, Target- Rs. 514, Stop loss- Rs. 498

2. Satyam : Buy at Rs. 500, Target- Rs. 509, Stop loss- Rs. 492

3. ITC : Buy at Rs. 218, Target- Rs. 222, Stop loss- Rs. 215

Posted by: Srikanthbabu Kaliki

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Contact number: 09849138180 (please do not call in market time )

Note: In the near term markets may be volate and some unexpected bad news may come from Government to control the raising inflation.Hence when ever a stock rises by min 5% then book partial profits. Wish you happy investing and trading.

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